Our Menu

Click here to see or print the takeaway menu (currently being updated and unavailable)

Alongside our standard takeaway menu below, always available, we have Lunchtime Special Meal Deals, and our Children's Menu. Our restaurant menu has other additional items. Restaurant prices may vary slightly from those shown below.
We can also source locally caught fish, but this is subject to availability, and we require 24 hours notice.
Among our sundry menu items, our freshly home made Tartare Sauce is definitely not to be missed.
Please note that although we do our best to maintain our value for money prices, all products and prices are subject to availability, and might possibly differ from those below. Remember that gluten and wheat free batter is always available.

Chips   Chicken   Sundries
Large   Chicken Breast   Pea Fritter
Standard   Leg   Mushy Peas
Fish   Sandwich   Curry Sauce
Cod Small   Nuggets   Onion Rings
Cod Large       Spring Roll
Haddock   Sausages   Pineapple Fritter
Plaice   Large   Breaded Mushrooms
Skate   Standard    
Rock (Huss)   Saveloy   Cheese & Onion Fry-it
Scampi   Sausage Fritter   Pickled Onions
Cod Roe   Battered sausage   Pickled Gherkin
Fish Cake   Burgers   Pickled Egg
Fish Cake
  1/4lb Burger   Roll & Butter
Pies   1/4lb Cheeseburger   Cans
Beef & Onion   Vegi Burger   Sauces
Steak & Kidney   Giant Burger   Salad Boxes
Chicken & Mushroom        
Cheese pasty        
Cornish Pasty        

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